News from this Site:

February 04, 2006:

Did some refactoring again :-)

You can now also change the threshold for the update

of a new Task.

Fixed some other issues I found, while I was looking for

the solution of bug 1419113

Fixed Bug:

  • 1419113: Nasty bug that appears if the elements in the table grow

July 23, 2005:

Somehow the download page didn't show the correct plugin.

So I fixed that :-)

July 23, 2005:

The latest release does fix a problem I discoverd

lately. When switching the Project Properties it doesn't

have any effects until restart of eclipse.

This behaviour is fixed now.

You can switch the underlying xml File now while working

Just use the preference Page to change to the new file.

For anyone who is in need of this feature I recomend upgrading

to 2.0.1

July 17, 2005:

I'm now quite satisfied by the refactoring.

It doesn't have any effects on the external

behaviour. Therefore there is no need for

people who are satisfied by release 2.0.0

to upgrade

I also worked on the help system. Which somehow

didn't make it in the 2.0.0 release.

July 16, 2005:

Worked on some refactoring again, after starting to read some pages

of "How to build comercial grade Plugins" :-)

Did some work on the screenshots of this page. So have a look

Concerning this site I removed some of the Reports since they didn't help any.

I personaly like find-bugs alot. But the report doesn't help since the Errors

reported are on generated classes.

The checkstyle didn't help any neither since it complains alot about whitespaces

and so on.

July 10, 2005:

First try of switching the Project to maven.

The site generation works. Still building the project

throught the usual ant task.

The JUnit now also works under maven so the report can

be used on the site. Some reports are still not working,

like the changelog and so on. Will work on that :-)

July 6, 2005:

Release of the new version of TimeTrackPlugin 2.0

The serialisation is done through JAXB,

this way the data won't be lost if eclipse crashes.

Also the design of the plugin has changed so it will

display more correctly on a Linux environment

(hopefully also under MacOS).

March 11, 2004

Added the posibility to donate. Hey if you

don't wont to donate but still think this plugin is great let

me know. Just tell me what you think through the sourceforge

site. (This way I don't have to set up a e-mail adress here

and won't receive spam)

March 10, 2004:

Uploaded the new version 1.2.0 This will

only work with eclipse 3.0 M7 and I hope with future releases.

Fixed Bugs:

  • 905937 - didn't save the changes made in the History List
  • 908152 - didn't work with eclipse 3.0 M7

Added some new Features while editing the History, see at

the screenshot below.

January 2, 2004:

Uploaded the new version 1.1.1 This will

only work with eclipse 3.0 M6 and I hope with future releases.

For Eclipse 2.1.x there is still 1.1.0 working.

January 1, 2004:

Happy New Year to every one. Migrated the

plugin to work with eclipse 3.0 M6 it seems to work now. I

guess there are still problems with eclipse 3.0 M5.


I have some trouble getting the stuff uploaded to sourceforge.

Will try tomorrow. :-)

December 28, 2003:

First of all I hope all of you had a pleasant

X-Mas and I wish you a happy new Year, sencond I found out that

version 1.1.0 doesn't work with the latest Milestones of eclipse

(M5 and M6 it seems)

I will work on this

November 4, 2003:

Released a new Version of the TimeTrackPlugin.

Gone to Version 1.1.0 since it is tested and working with eclipse


November 1, 2003:

Initial Start of this Site. Hope it helps people getting along with the Plugin