Some of the screenshots are taken from the actual TimeTrackPlugin

Others are still the same since nothing has changed there.

New ones will be marked as TimeTrackPlugin

How do I configure the Plugin

Go to Window->Preferences->TimeTrackPlugin:

Here you will find the following

The directory to look for the xml-files and the xml-file name. Please make sure that you have read/write access to the directory and the given file. The Plugin will create this file if it doesn't exist.

Now you also can change the update interval.

This is the minimum time for the duration to take an effect while changeing Editors

It defaults to 2

This screenshot is of the brand new TimeTrackPlugin

How does it work

The pictures below are from the new TimeTrackPlugin version 2.0.0

Here is a "little" screenshot of how it is supposed

to look like. Please note that the Plugin is tested with eclipse

3.1 on Windows and on Linux. On Linux it was tested on the

GTK version of Eclipse 3.1.

You have three input fields as dropdown lists. The Project and

the Task fields are updated automaticaly by changing the currently

edited file. It gets its information directly from the workbench.

The Duration field is updatet whenever you change any of the

fields within this view or change from this view to another view.

The old activity field is gone and you can add some comments.

I figured the activity is some redundant information.

Besides the automatical ending and starting a new Task you can

also use the "End current Task and Start New"- Button

The automatical ending of a task is either triggerd by changing

the selected file in the Package Explorer or (new since 1.1.0)

by switching the editor.

A duration smaller than 2 Minutes is considered as a "triple"-click

(accident) and isn't counted as a new task.

A double click on an entry in the table lets you edit this entry.

A klick on the "BRAKE" button ends the current task

and creates a new task with activity BREAK .

Using the right mouse button on the table opens an pop-up menu

where you either can edit, copy, paste or delete the current